Monday, October 31, 2011


Been missing in action for quite a while, well, 4 months plus due to my work and my work stress. Passion for photography nearly diminish and so did my time for my own leisure. Heck, my old job of 6 days a week didn't even eat up so much of my own leisure time.

With that said, I threw the towel and finally, my initial plan has taken flight. Now I'm bored in the office (still at work cause I have to wait confirmation from my HR dept. So slow.) early in the morning, typing and ranting away. Planning to go somewhere but no idea where to go. Gah. Even took the liberty of driving today cause I do not want to stay in the office and its my turn to set an appointment. Wonder when is my last day.... >_>

Anyhow, need to save up some cash now to get stuff I need. So much for the advise, take up any job you can find. I am grateful I have a job but it does not fit me well. Struggling like crazy for 4 months, pushing myself over 200% and still achieved nothing (well, there is something, just not enough.), met more people, expanded my knowledge more (sad to say but I know about this before I even started, apart from some changes), saw more shit (or less?) and more stress. xD

Boss just came in, and said something about the futures side better cut for no idea why since barely can hear what he said. And yesterday was on the equity market. @_@ This is confusing! Heck. Moral of my journey, don't just accept a job cause it pays good or you manage to get it. Best enquire it more, and getting to know the nature of the job. Whatever the title maybe; marketing executive, dealings, yada yada yada, best think if it fits and what you wanna do in life. I know a job is a job, which puts food on the table but if things does not work out, exit fast and find another job, or till opportunity arise.

With that said, I have been release from my job, but I'll linger around abit before I leave. Haha. Banking sector, you were never my line of work since the beginning and I know best but heck, like I said, I took the job cause of the pay and pressure from parents but now, it has shown and they know it. The best support came from my uncle way over at Bangkok, Thailand. He keep forcing me to quit as he knows my capability and strength, but I decided to strive on and try, but alas, I am where I am already. 4 months burnt and I managed to salvage out an xbox, 2 impromptu trips to KL, a miss flight cause of the bus, and last but not least, my car not being washed for nearly 2 months. Feel sad for me car. I'll bring it for a washing later when I leave the office.

I want to say, here is a picture for you to enjoy but who am I to lie.

Then again, new haul. Enjoy! xD

Longest post ever! For now la.


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