Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mooncake in Uni

30 mins just to get these pictures up....wasted, but worth looking.
Beside, I just found my good strength in photography.

Ok, enough of my blabbering. Time for the main news.

Exactly 3 days ago, fast forwarding ahead by 2 hours, there was an activity which had racked up more than a hundred students whom are locals and internationals, which is the mooncake festival in our uni.

Was hectic, but fun. The whole activity main objective it to promote our local and also Chinese festival towards international students who have no idea what it is all about. Beside, its also the delicacy we have.

Least to say maney enjoy the activity abit the mess we made.

Oh well, as usual pictures!

Thanks to nerdrazor for borrowing me his cam, and prime lens. Regreted not getting the external flash from rollakid.

Preparing for the event

10 mins after that....

Choir Club warming up and having a last rehearsal.

Wasn't taken by me but nice shot.

Backstage preparation

AJ stealing the food.

Reading tadpoles

Portrait shot

Still having rehearsal while the others prepare the stuff.

30 mins after that, done!

DIY lantern for the crowd.


Starting in 5! Gosh, look at the crowd.

Shot from outside the auditorium.

Our pianist/keyboarder was bored and she took out her rubik cube. Miss playing those stuff.

Yieng posing for the cam while working.

The crowd inside.

After all the crowd was inside, our Mcee: Johnson welcome the guests and told them the history behind this celebration, but in his version...

So, its like this. See the moon? Yes. Then this guy came, and shoot the girl on the moon.......

(he moved around so much , 20 shots were all blurred out, this is the least blurred out one.)

Listening attentively

Then, it was time for a game/competition. Girls and guys were splitted up and a roll call was made, and thus, groups were formed.

International student were to be elected as their leader. This guy concentrated on what out mcee has to say.

Work time.

Found this guy strolling around with a cam and I had to "shoot" him, but he shot me back also.

Teamwork in progress

Both mcee just wanted to pose for the shot

Er...bad idea.

Engineering student working on his prototype lantern

Fine workmanship

Busy like bees

Work in progress

More helping hands

Putting up finishing touches and also reenforcing the structure with...selefon tape


Nearly done!

While they were building their lanterns, the organising committees were busying attaching the candles on the lanterns.

Sea of candles and lanterns

Handiwork of the guests

Love this one. Has a story itself to be told.

STAR! Unique but where to put the candle?

Another nice one, but I've no idea what it was.

Johnson calling everyone to go outside and get their lanterns.

Lighting up.

Evil Empress posing


Having fun

Japanese ghost fire?

They went for a stroll around the campus:

Meanwhile, inside the auditorium...

Cutting up the pieces of mooncakes, and other delicacies.

When the crowd at last came back...

All of them rush for the food.

My friend here was so bored waiting for the long queue, he decided to try something and was successful.

Yieng pouring drinks.

The lanterns left outside

What do you call this?

Bored, so he stole our pianist's rubik cube and tried to solve it.

Cannot resist macro shots.

Second cup.

Over "high"?

After the majority left, we collected the plates and this is what happen

So much leftovers!

My friend there "ta pau"*take away* the most.

They were bored, and decided to do something at SWATwolf, another photographer

Putting everything back in order

Watermelon boy stealing lanterns

Ryuten and SK was bored and decided to make paper planes

They "ta pau" also.

Overall, it was fun and tiring.

Thanks to nerdrazor again as I had a change to actually utilize the camera but sadly, cannot fully utilize it as wasn't used to the camera.

Another thing, will be attending a charity event at Civic Center this coming Sunday. If you're going, lets see if your shot will be here. Hahaha.