Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interact Installation Dinner

Gosh. I always protest of going for Interacters dinner and gathering and for once, that rule was broken because my parents and relatives whom are going doesn't know and I got drag there whether I like it or not.

A few tips for you all whom are going for this Interact future dinner thingy,
  1. You must know at least 3 dozen of the people there
  2. You have to know whats going on, not just eating
  3. Do place emphasis for those around age to go, not just parents cause parents have no idea whats going on and they do not like those rock and hip hop and techno songs blaring over the PA system, not to mention at deafening level.
  4. Do have a backup plan for this kind of stuff, so I had my trusty V3 loaded with Hiragana and E-book so I was paying more attention to this that whats going on.
  5. I have post of a Vice-President and parents just shrug it off like its nothing and my cousin who was promoted to VP in the Interact club got so much attention. Well, I don't care. Even his dad was clueless about what was happening.
  6. Forgotten another backup plan, I brought my mp3 player along. Sadly, I managed to get 1 hour of play time as I forgotten to charge it.
  7. Me and my older cousin loiter around the restaurant than being inside. Chatted away outside for an hour after filling out tank.
  8. Lucky draws are cheap. We got 3 and it was a tin of biscuits and keychains. I have more keychains in my cabinate that those being given away.
  9. Food was......Well, hard to say cause eating with relatives meaning I can't be myself as I enjoy food but they gobble it down like there is no tomorrow.
  10. Grandma was freezing, and so was I.

Hence, stupid waste of my time.

New semester is starting soon. I just can't wait to go to KL at the end of the year.

Bon Odori Festival In Selangor

Well, last week, there was a bon odori festival in Selangor. Read more about here

Friday, July 27, 2007

Major Dissapointment

Sorry for not updating my blog due to me having a big shock and also being very worry and depress and I completely forgotten about this, not to mention mD and also my scanlation group.

Well, I'm really depress this few days due to flunking again my flunked subject which now I have a last chance of taking it again. University is harsh, in some way.

Currently looking for alternatives and ways to get around that subject, also looking for accountants who are willing to give tutoring to me and a few of my friends who is also in the same situation as me.

I'm now really depress and confuse. I cannot accept the fact that I flunk it since I put in so much effort and time and still can't get through. May partly be me to be blame as I took 2 killing subjects this semester plus another subject, which maybe a burden indirectly towards me. I got shock when I got my result.

Feeling very guilty towards my parents, especially my dad since he has high hopes on me and I let him down. I'm not sure if he reads my blog but if you do, I'm really sorry dad. I know you want the best for me but I'm really really sorry for letting you down.

So, now its striving for the final and last time, before I change my course to either Multimedia Business Marketing, where the subject is optional and I may graduate faster due to the fact I took most of the 2nd year subject already. Or, going for Multimedia Software Development as my uncle and parents say I am good with IT stuff. I'm still very uncertain.

I would like to thank my uncle in KL, who talk me through stuff and I miss him very much. ANd my uncles here in Kuching who tried to look for friends who can help me. And my loving parents who understand what I am going through, partly though as I had to explain 80% of what happened, and no forgetting my friends from SAMS and my old friends who encourage me and tried to cheer me up. And also my fellow lecturers who are willing to explain to me tonnes of my enquires and also the course co-ordinator who replyed my e-mail thought they aren't in campus. And my aunt's sister who tried to help clarify everything.

Failing once doesn't mean you will be a total failure, that I agree but with the fact that Swinbune kicks out students after a 3rd trial, it really destroy my will to study.

Oh well, no use thinking of sucidial thoughts. Waste of my life and my parents care and love. Maybe I'll go open up a business and who knows, I may make it big. Cause no all big successful people are holding a degree status. That is a relieve but.....working world demands it. Seems I found out life is so much more harsher that I though it would be and from my experience.

Friday, July 20, 2007

We're on Newspaper! v2

Updated again as the third and final page of the paper is added. Means change of contains in my post as well.
Well, we have appeared in a local newspaper called Sarawak Wan Pau or Sarawak International as they call it. No idea why.

Well, alert to those on dail-ups, the picture file is really big as its the original copy. I just had to watermark it right there as there is no place to put or else I'll ruin the words and also the pictures. Enjoy.

The First Page

The Second Page

The Third Page

I just got the 3rd page from my friend. She works with them so I can get the original file, all thanks to Cosworld Production and also Cosworld for the opportunity though my face can't be seen and my parents asked me why.

And btw, I can't read chinese cause I'm not chinese educated though being brought up in a traditional chinese way, like herbs are better than medicines, and we eat using chopsticks and a round bowl instead of a plate. XD. I can speak mandarin fluently till a certain extend. Hence, being called half banana.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gunslinger Girl Sequel

Well, as the title says, a gunslinger girl sequel will be back soon but still unsure when.

Moonphase reported that a sequel as long as 13 episodes will be in-production.

Hope the sequel would have lots more actions and also less flashback.

Screenshots of Gunslinger Girls characters:

Henrietta, the main character.


Rico and her trusty sniper rifle

Claes, half-standing and Angelica, standing

Elsa, who killed her handler and suicided

Btw, this are not the screenshot from the upcoming sequel but from the past episodes.

And some nice wallpaper. Click for a bigger one. Also old ones.

Rico, Triela and Henrietta

Rico, Angelica and Henrietta

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, just to let you people know, I'm in the scanlation group called mdxd, as the title says. So, the position I got from there is head proofer, meaning I have to check through translation scripts and then proof it. Also, being head proofer, I have to rule out bad proofers and also filter out new applications(this part is a pain). That means doing grammar correction, vocabularies checking and also spellings and also adding capitalization and notations as needed.

The story is like this. I was a staff member of mangadownload, as moderator and uploader. A few months later, our admin, Sneakerpimp decided we make a scanlation group, hence we did and I joined as a proofer also. We were called mdsd:Mangadownload Scanlation Division. We did a few mangas. From Dragon Sister to some-weird-forgotten-name-manga and it was a success. We got famous around the scanlation community because of our good work and also fast and high quality scans. But in the end, some staff left us, like raiken who's busy with work and also our sozo-chan. Then Sneakerpimp was the head editor of Yanime whom brought you guy and gals Ichigo 100%.

Well, now Yanime is dead cause many left and have things need to be done in real life so they moved on and Yanime was history.

So, Magyver took over, whom is an American Army personal. A private working currently in Iraq and doing scanlation job together with the few of us. Currently working on MPD, Storm Rider and Death Note. We have a few more upcoming projects so do visit us at mDxD. You can also join the forum and see our progress.

Currently we're looking for translators whom can translate Bahasa Indonesia to English, Japanese to English and Chinese to English. We also welcome editors who have experience editing mangas or if you're willing to learn or join, do direct your browser there. I go under the same alias:intel as I do in mangadownload too.

We also need proofers who have good english mastery and also quality checkers who will check the edited mangas and look through it and pin-point the flaws and mistakes before it gets release.

If you're interested or have the qualities which meets our standard, head over to our forum and sign-up as its free and take the test and we'll decide of you can take the job or...well, get fired before getting hired.

Remember, scanlation is all about from fans to fans. We do it for free and we do it for our community and those alike. We do not pay salaries monthly nor we give special previlages but at the end of the day, you'll feel happy your name(nick) ends up in the credits and people will thank you for doing it, even though they will never know you in real life nor thank you after reading. I do appreciate scanlators for all the mangas I've read and downloaded into my HDD, so I know the feeling.

Well, what are you waiting for? Headover to mangadownload scanlation to join the scanlation team or mangadownload for more mangas. Do read the FAQ though in mD or else I'll delete unreasonable posts.

PS=Wow, lots of words but my bad. Sorry because this stuff has no pictures unless I upload the credit pages from the manga we scan. XD

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Titleless Post Becomes Rants About Harry Potter 4

Change of title means change of post contains.

Last night, me and my friends from high school went for a movie, called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The movie was great from the start, though I criticize that Harry(Daniel) looks nerdy now.

Well, more spoilers so here goes. Those who want to avoid it, do scroll down.

First off, we don't get to see Harry's Patronus shape. Secondly, Dudley become sort of a gangster, but a whimpy one. Thirdly, dementors looks...well, naked. And Sirius' place, the portrait of Sirius' parents didn't curse Harry like in the book. They pratically missed alot of the details in the book. Lots to rant about. Moving forward, no Quidditch, and the room where Harry organized a secret DA club wasn't accurate and also they didn't explain what the club is about, just saying that its to protect them from dark arts. Lastly, the fighting scene at the end was too fast as it seems that the director was pratically rushing everything. Can't even get a glimps of the people who came and fought the Death Eaters but luck;y I did read the book so I knew. And in-between scenes, I don't get Hermione's laugh and Ronald's joke. Cho Chang looks worst in this movie, compare to the pervious. Luna Lovegood character is okay only. Apart from that, Sirus died from Avada Kadavra, died in a weird way, like faded into dust. X.X

Overall, I can say the starting was good with a bad ending.

Ok, end of my rants.

Also as yesterday, the Rainforest World Musical Festival has kicked off with a big start. Those who went, do enjoy and those who didn't like me...well, are better off and watching Live Free or Die Hard 4. Well, this year ain't going cause my uncle ain't going because of kick@ss ticket price of RM90 compare to last year's RM60. Also, since he's not given the job do the backdrops, we have no free tickets and backpasses.

Anyway, I'm off to do something. Cheers.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ninjaken Completed

Well, its done and I'm playing with it. XD

Sheathed Ninjaken

Unsheathed Ninjaken

Currently feeling dizzy which might be caused by unsufficient sleep or because my pillow is damn thin. Either way, my head is spinning like I'm in sea, so its called sea sick but on land. T_T God, still spinning.

Maybe someone bashed my while I was in my sleep.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Stuff

Well, on Tuesday, Me and my friends when to India Street and Gambir Street to buy materials needed for this coming cosplay performance during the Kuching City Festival and parade. So, this are the stuff I bought.

All black.

Well, I have my tattoo design done, my armwarmer, my old gym gloves and a piece of big white cloth which is going to be turned into a vest soon. Guess can't see much cause everything is black.

Anyway, going to pick up my ninjaken from my uncle who had it airbrushed for me as, well...lets say his workers are doing airbrushing and might as well ask them to do it for me and they have better colours.

Going to uni later.

Ragnarok Battle Offline

Was playing this game a few days ago and now got kinda bored cause I only play it alone so not worth the fun but its still retains the old school fun of side scrolling RPG games like Castlevania and Megaman, except Ragnarok Style.

For those who want to try it or want to have the game, point your IE/Firefox/Opera/Nescape/NJStar or whatever browser you're using to Do register as its free and you'll get access to tonnes of guides and also expansion packs. I'm currently on the 1st expansion pack.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pictures Ahoy~

Photoshooting Session

ANBU VS Itachi


Friends? WTH!

Lookie, lookie! Er.....Wonder whats that?

Well, that concludes the photos. And now, something not related.

ZAKU II's inner workings.

Megawoman, not Megaman

Link. A tribute to SWATwolf who likes Zelda. Sadly, can't find the Princess.

Photos are from 4chan site. This concludes fan service for those who like it. XD

Paper Ahoy~

Well, yesterday, I and a few friends are invited to go for an interview at Intimes International Office for some local chinese paper. Too bad I can't read at least 10% of the chinese characters.

The Intimes International HQ and Printing Factory

Reporter (playing with the white wig) and cosplayers.

ACTION! (Note:Tidus wearing sneakers)

ANBU member going in for the kill. Tidus! RUN!

More updates coming. This is just a short one. Was too busy to update cause had too much fun playing with new notebooks and a few processor and also a brand new 8800 from Nvidia. Also, a Nikon D40 from my aunt.

And btw, I ripped off the photos from Jimmychin as he was there also with us. Thanks to him.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What I've Did Few Days Ago

The past few days has been hectic due to pressure coming from my uni and also from the club in my uni as we have to make a proposal and also we were asked to do a public performance and also got informed that we have to do 2 performance. And I had to rush the song that we're using for the performance. And my stupid Nero Wave Editor's mp3 plugin have to run out of juice when I was halfway editing it. So, Audacity to the rescue! Open source FTW.

Also, been trying to complete my nexst cosplay props and here it is. I managed to complete the sheath yesterday after doing it for the whole day and I can say it turned out good, minus the colour for now.

The ninjaken:Shorter than katana but utilize a katana's grip length.

Unsheathed Ninjaken.

Comparison with my model car and the air-conditioner's remote.

So far, I haven't completed the grip area yet and also the blade's detailing. Need to do some grip art to it, meaning making those diamond shape bandages around it. Was thinking of making a tail for it also, which makes the ninjaken cooler.

Anyway, during my outings with my friends at McD right after our final final's, I said I got some hotwheels cars and here it is.

The missing car's name was the Dodge Challenger Hemi.

Drool on the details. Close-up Shot.

Well, I'm going to open it later, but not so soon. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pictures Tells A Thousand Words

Well, this post it a tribute to the pictures I took and had no time to upload and edit due to me being busy and also doing lots of other stuff and also making props of my next cosplay. Also, looking for a job.



The man who made it possible, and also paid for the foods. Thanks.

The reason for my nick. Been owning it since PII was in the market.


Cabinate in my room.

My favourite of all.

Lamboghini Gallardo Italian Polizei Version.

Dodge Viper SRT-10

Viper GTS Hardtop From Hotwheels

The Little Brother, Viper SRT-1o also from Hotwheels

Well, thats manual setting photography using my PNS(Point-and-Shoot). Thats why I need a slr desperately. Either an older one would do. 400D anyone? Or a D2X.

Shots are underexpose on some and over on some due to the lighting in my room and also the strobe behind me. Wrong placement cause room's cram.

Dodge Tomahawk. Bike or car?

Under my table.

Top Gear+Anime in my room. Please Ignore the Twistie.

My ever faithful headphone. Altec-Lansing FTW~

My Collection of Cars and I've recently added 3 more. A Shelby Cobra 457, A Mustang GT 2005 and forgot another one.

Aside from collecting Gundams or Gunplas, I love cars and also computer.

And.....being an audiophile also.

Teh kaputed SD-RAM

Bored during outing at Igloo

A club in Kuching. Click here to visit

Phones. All so advance except mine. T_T. I'll gladly get a dslr and keep using the old phone.

Another shot on my faithful 5 years old cam.

Erm....Who stole that phone? I can't pay for it. T_T. Please return if seen.

Well, Intel signing off at 4.34pm on a cool Sunday afternoon after spending 2 hours adding and fixing the damn formating of the blogger. I wish they can fix the function. My format keeps going away!