Sunday, March 26, 2006

Starting Of A New Semester

Ok. Just arrived at uni this morning at 8am, met friends at cafeteria then went fro 1st lec in the morning, Marketing. Met Mr. Rodney, gym friend and lecturer. Talk bout the course,blah...blah..blah. Then went to register fro tutorials. Damn pack and stupid to do registeration in such a small room. Freaking pack. Freaking hot and freaking pissed!. Anyway. Got all registered(not sure but quite) then went out for lunch. CAme back and went for IT lec. Lousy lecturer Wilson Suai(Suai Ke?) Lol. Anyway, he SUCKS! My former lecturer can do better then him(COME BACK MR.VICTOR CHEE!!!!!!) Then no more classes till tomorrow so hung around in the open lab. Wanted to run the ftp upload but didn't work to so have to do it at uncle's house. Home no net yet(F*** Telekom) So slow ing bringing copper cable to the area!!! Haiz....Ben, you lucky got net ar.....and those reading this at home. Anyway, Gary signing out for the day at 2pm(not exact)

Monday, March 13, 2006

MUET Class

Haiz, back in uni now, online, hogging the bandwidth, download stuff, mangas, animes. Later need to attend MUET Class. Looking forward to it. Miss normal life. No work today cause I wanted to come to uni early though my class starts at 3pm. :) /gg. Anyway, BEN IF YOU ARE READING THIS POST YOUR BLOG ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hrm.... Long Time Since Updates

Ok, It's been a long time since the last update cause I pratically don't have time and access. The line I'm using now is my uncle's one and it's freaking slow. So, you guess it. Slow=Giving Up. So, I'm having holidays now and currently working. LAN IS OVER!!!!!! It means no Moral, M'sia Study. Yeah... So, waiting new sem to start, looking forward to it. Miss friends and the open lab at Uni. Not to mention the free time between classes. No line at home yet. Stupid chatting post is down(again..). Need to fix it. Maybe cause of infrequent access. OK. Fanfic is moving slowly cause I'm not having any will to do it anymore, maybe another few chapters more then quit. More manga again. Love Hina, Chobits, Sakura Cardcaptor....and more. Stupid Ben asking me when I'm gonna update this, so here it is. HAHAHA. ok, signing out 4 the day.