Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aile Strike Good To Go!

Anyway, my uncle from KL, my other family, came and I was preoccupied with him around, talking about life and how the market and stuff... Went to the food fair in Kuching. Kinda nice but all squashy. Managed to protect my foot from being squash (hint hint: wear sneakers) Anyway, uncle dislike the place and say that he rather avoid the place plus the food sux, he said. I'm opposite. He's a nice guy, hates crowded places and is sporty and active. he goes hashing AKA trail run like in the jungle and everywhere.

Ok. Back to the topic. After 3 days, I think, after purchasing and snipping, cutting and modifying, I finally completed my model. It's the first of its kind. Good articulation and nice scale. Kinda heavy. Thinking of spraying it (where the hell can I find hobby spray gun in kuching!). Here are some pictures.

Whole Shot of The Set

Close Up Front

Yay! I can fly~

Right Shoulder Shot (That decal. Dry ones)

Difference Size Between HG (Red) and MG (Blue)

Backpack (The black cable is like normal copper wires, except ultra flexible

Backpack Jet Thrusters Close ups. PNS (point-and-shoot) cam sux in close up

Another front close up. The X is decal, looks like paint and the red on on the stick is
sticker. Pun intended

Overall, MG are good. They have lots of articulations, details and most of all, heavy. This model has an internal skeleton but I'm lazy to peel the armors apart and also, its hard to pull certain parts off. Decals, dry or wet (haven't tried) are good. I damaged the first one as I stick the adhesive part to my transfer tape, which ruins it, but retained a good transfer (duh~) Ok, next, saving for a MG Wing Zero Custom, the one with white feathery wings.

My uncle is now back in his home (not hometown as he's a Kuching guy) Call him later. saving to get a rf controller from rockfire. Their controllers are good. I have their older wired ones which lasted me 2 yrs plus with hard banging and aggressive play.Ok, I'm outta here! Finished Initial D 1st stage and nearly finish 2nd stage. Next 3rd Stage, the movie!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Gundam Updates

Ok, so here is another update. I wanted to update it yesterday but my dad
locked the cam in his drawer so I had to wait and asked him where he kept it
cause I've been searching high and low for it. Anyway, I go the cam now and the
batts low. So, managed to snap a few pics. Kinda nice.

All done. Engard~

Close up.

Details. Each
armor pieces have to be detailed. Pain but nice.

Hey! Not fair. Big bully!

Well, thats all. The cam's dead. Have to recharge the batt so I can snap more
pics. I'm playing with the model now. Wonder of how MG have near perfect grade
articulations. It can do almost all possible pose a human can do.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aile Strike GAT-X105 Master Grade

So, well, here's an update. I just recently bought a gundam model, a MG grade which is scale of 1/100. Its about 15 cm when done(i think) and cost me about RM200 where I asked my friend who went to KL and SG, it cost more there, about Rm275 in SG and ca't find any in KL. So, I just went ahead and bought it here in Satok. The one at Cassy Toy is tad expensive as the shopkeeper sold me at RM230.

Anyway, I just got my final test result and I got lots of credits but failed my maths 2 so I resit it yesterday. It was easy, so I know I'll pass and be in degree soon. Holidays have been going of for about 2 weeks already but wasted 5 days from this week to squeeze 3 months of learning into 5 days to resit my maths.

Back to the topic,
OK, here's the pic of my progress after 5 hours.

  Box View (Note the price)


Jetless back

 Back With Jet

 Hatch open to reveal Kira
Yamato in the seat, unpainted. Niffty MG.

 Side View


 Head unit. I painted the blue part but can't paint the eye, so resorted to stickers. I use water colour to paint the blue part.



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As on 10th July 2006, I celebrate my indepences day! Final GONE! World Cup GONE!

Yay! Finals are gonner. Lazy to update as usual. Currently uploading mangas to mD. Lazy some more. Gotten some weird wired stuff from my parents who just came back from Bangkok

Link To Bigger Pic

Its a coiled man AKA predator!
And, thats my com behind. Notice the speaker. XD
Scary huh?

Cool huh? Anyway, I'm free now. Bored. Downloading more anime. Plus, my new portable hd is working as I gotten my external casing for RM78 where bloody people in Saberkas are killing me at RM 170. What a rip-off. Also, Gigabyte's cooler cost only RM75 where they wanted to sell it to me at RM350. ****

Go checkout That bugger has lots of update almost everyday. So free. Planning to get my aile strike gundam. Hopefully its cheaper in Sing cause my friend is going there so I asked him to buy it for me. Yay!