Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The Final Countdown....

Well, its been like months? Or weeks since I last posted. Kinda bored with blogging stuff...

Anyway, updates! Currently studying for my finals. Started 2 weeks ago but got delayed by my Quantitative Analysis assignment for about a week. So, wasted a week there. But at last got it out of the way. Feels like 10 kg weight loss after the assignment was handed in to our lecturer. So, currently counting, I have 2 weeks and 5 days left for my finals which will last like for 4 days. Frigging 4 days! Then I can finally set foot back to KL, my second home which I miss so much. The only thing is that Airasia will land in LCCT, which I'm not familiar with, or make it, haven't set foot there yet. So, transportation maybe a prob but what the heck. I can get a bus and go to Sentral....

Ok, studies are killing me. Kinda tired after a 2 hour study spree and to relax, DOTA!!!! DoTA stands for Defence of The Ancient.. Kind of a game mod but it uses warcraft 3 the frozen throne though. Also, NFS Most Wanted kills stress also...

Anyway, my mom brought home a BP checker. Turn out, it isn't accurate. I tried it like in between 1 hour interval. It gives me like high BP reading 1st time, low BP readouts then high again...weird.

So, I'm off again. Later~

PS:Copy paste to my other blog...

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Anyway, it's been a long time since I've posted cause I'm busy now as we have less than 35 days to my finals, or was it more. XD

Anyway, totchi has been bugging me to advertise her blog to those who are reading my stuff.Li Tiing The Great. Its all in pink and she's a nice gal.

Ok. To the actual stuff. I've completed my display cabinate like 3 weeks ago? Or was it more again. Filled it up within an hour and took me 3 days to decide what goes where. So, here it is.
Display Cabinate

Anyway, more to come soon but not soon. XD. I'm on multiply now.
Multiply Blog.It seems down for the moment.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Today, We Celebrate Our Independence's Day

So, hell yea. Went to the padang around 11pm and damn keng man. So jam pack. Went few rounds around the outskirt of the padang as there were road blocks. Then manage to park car in front the summer house, which is near the museum, in front of rtm where there exist a damn big screen which was showing whats happening at the padang live. Darn lucky those foreigners or locals who are staying at Merdeka Palace as they could get birds eye view of the event if they are lucky to get a room facing the Merdeka square.

After the strike of 12am, all hell broke lose. Horns blaring and people shouting merdeka even before the Prime Minister could say Merdeka officially. Radio blaring that the Malaysian Flag is brought over from Terengganu, where the Merdeka Party was held last year. When the flag went up, choir group comprising of 200 Unimas student sang, which I think they shouted as the place was darn big, sang the Negaraku. Before that, the Prime Misnister (I'll just call him Pak Lah as thats his nick name) shouted Merdeka 7 times which sounded like he is darn tired and has no spirit in it. So weak. Even my little cousin who's only 3 yrs old can shout better than that. Anyway, fireworks started balsting the hell out of the sky for about 20 ti 30 mins or more. There goes out "rampas" firework during their operation weeks before Chinese New Year, XD, or that what I think it is. Anyway, enjoyed the view beofer getting stuck in a 40 mins jam. Stuck for 20 mins without moving.

Now, after bath, type this blog and let you guys hwo hasn't went down there to enjoy the Merdeka Spirit. Kinda fun. Wonder what will happen when US tourist sees tanks and military personals rolling down the street. XD

Sorry for the late post as I copy paste it here from my other blog. XD

Steve Irwin KIA

So, if you guys and gals haven't heard about it, the topic says so. Steve Irwin was killed in action ,hence KIA. He was stabbed during his mission and outing as he was documenting on something that wasn't told by the news. A sting ray managed to kill him when crocodiles, snakes and other animals couldn't. What bad luck. Anyway, I pray for his family and may his soul rest in peace. All his efforts to save animals wasn't wasted. It was fun watching him grow old, have a family and kid. Been following his series since I've gotten my Astro.

More news, here.

Well, yesterday was the end of his show, Crocodile Hunter. I hope his kids and wife will try to continue his show but without him..., it ain't complete. Missing his "Crikey!" and "You're alright mate" plus his 'Wow"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Aile Strike Good To Go!

Anyway, my uncle from KL, my other family, came and I was preoccupied with him around, talking about life and how the market and stuff... Went to the food fair in Kuching. Kinda nice but all squashy. Managed to protect my foot from being squash (hint hint: wear sneakers) Anyway, uncle dislike the place and say that he rather avoid the place plus the food sux, he said. I'm opposite. He's a nice guy, hates crowded places and is sporty and active. he goes hashing AKA trail run like in the jungle and everywhere.

Ok. Back to the topic. After 3 days, I think, after purchasing and snipping, cutting and modifying, I finally completed my model. It's the first of its kind. Good articulation and nice scale. Kinda heavy. Thinking of spraying it (where the hell can I find hobby spray gun in kuching!). Here are some pictures.

Whole Shot of The Set

Close Up Front

Yay! I can fly~

Right Shoulder Shot (That decal. Dry ones)

Difference Size Between HG (Red) and MG (Blue)

Backpack (The black cable is like normal copper wires, except ultra flexible

Backpack Jet Thrusters Close ups. PNS (point-and-shoot) cam sux in close up

Another front close up. The X is decal, looks like paint and the red on on the stick is
sticker. Pun intended

Overall, MG are good. They have lots of articulations, details and most of all, heavy. This model has an internal skeleton but I'm lazy to peel the armors apart and also, its hard to pull certain parts off. Decals, dry or wet (haven't tried) are good. I damaged the first one as I stick the adhesive part to my transfer tape, which ruins it, but retained a good transfer (duh~) Ok, next, saving for a MG Wing Zero Custom, the one with white feathery wings.

My uncle is now back in his home (not hometown as he's a Kuching guy) Call him later. saving to get a rf controller from rockfire. Their controllers are good. I have their older wired ones which lasted me 2 yrs plus with hard banging and aggressive play.Ok, I'm outta here! Finished Initial D 1st stage and nearly finish 2nd stage. Next 3rd Stage, the movie!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Gundam Updates

Ok, so here is another update. I wanted to update it yesterday but my dad
locked the cam in his drawer so I had to wait and asked him where he kept it
cause I've been searching high and low for it. Anyway, I go the cam now and the
batts low. So, managed to snap a few pics. Kinda nice.

All done. Engard~

Close up.

Details. Each
armor pieces have to be detailed. Pain but nice.

Hey! Not fair. Big bully!

Well, thats all. The cam's dead. Have to recharge the batt so I can snap more
pics. I'm playing with the model now. Wonder of how MG have near perfect grade
articulations. It can do almost all possible pose a human can do.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aile Strike GAT-X105 Master Grade

So, well, here's an update. I just recently bought a gundam model, a MG grade which is scale of 1/100. Its about 15 cm when done(i think) and cost me about RM200 where I asked my friend who went to KL and SG, it cost more there, about Rm275 in SG and ca't find any in KL. So, I just went ahead and bought it here in Satok. The one at Cassy Toy is tad expensive as the shopkeeper sold me at RM230.

Anyway, I just got my final test result and I got lots of credits but failed my maths 2 so I resit it yesterday. It was easy, so I know I'll pass and be in degree soon. Holidays have been going of for about 2 weeks already but wasted 5 days from this week to squeeze 3 months of learning into 5 days to resit my maths.

Back to the topic,
OK, here's the pic of my progress after 5 hours.

  Box View (Note the price)


Jetless back

 Back With Jet

 Hatch open to reveal Kira
Yamato in the seat, unpainted. Niffty MG.

 Side View


 Head unit. I painted the blue part but can't paint the eye, so resorted to stickers. I use water colour to paint the blue part.



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As on 10th July 2006, I celebrate my indepences day! Final GONE! World Cup GONE!

Yay! Finals are gonner. Lazy to update as usual. Currently uploading mangas to mD. Lazy some more. Gotten some weird wired stuff from my parents who just came back from Bangkok

Link To Bigger Pic

Its a coiled man AKA predator!
And, thats my com behind. Notice the speaker. XD
Scary huh?

Cool huh? Anyway, I'm free now. Bored. Downloading more anime. Plus, my new portable hd is working as I gotten my external casing for RM78 where bloody people in Saberkas are killing me at RM 170. What a rip-off. Also, Gigabyte's cooler cost only RM75 where they wanted to sell it to me at RM350. ****

Go checkout www.kennysia.com That bugger has lots of update almost everyday. So free. Planning to get my aile strike gundam. Hopefully its cheaper in Sing cause my friend is going there so I asked him to buy it for me. Yay!

Friday, June 16, 2006

More Updates

Since I'm free and at home now, trying to destress, I'm gonna make up the lost time when i didn't have a connection.

Mua Gundam Astray Red Frame piloted by Lowe - Taken donno when but one month ago.
<-A touch up version I got somewhere from the net. Wonder when I can get till that skill class.
Also, my fav Gundam, Deathscythe Hell Custom piloted my Duo Maxwell *I've touch it up a bit but no time since finals are coming soon plus, I can't afford to buy the markers.*

Least but nor less, a Gundam RX-121-1 TR-1 Hazel Custom. I do not own it yet but plan to buy it. Saw it at Hock Lee Center at Cassy Toy there.*drools~*
<--Advance modding by some Korean. Using Zeta as body, some Aile Strike's backpack as the wing and bow.Ain't mine either. A wonder of gundam, Wing Zero Custom. I want it. Been dreaming to own it for years.
<--Aile Strike Gundam. Seen one 1/100 scale at Cassy Toy and cost near Rm250. Maybe I should get it? Short of RM50 now but I need the cash for other stuff.

Anyway, thats 2 updates in 1 day. Enjoy.

Those links have models bout gundams. Figure fm has lots.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Major Updates

Ok, for the past few weeks, I've been enjoying my broadband connection, so, those who's in my msn should know. And to those always commenting on going for university...I'm in one already! Next, finals are getting nearer and nearer, with assignment stacking up behind our ass, which is a pain in the arse(get it?) Also, I bought a new gundam model again, owning at least 5 for the moment, which I'm planning to get anothe one, a R-121-1 Hazel Custom. Nice model, which old school guns, and also the latest tech no gundam minus the phase shift or trans phase armour. the kind which can block normal guns attack to some kinda laser attack. Also, freaking stress out now, feeling bit sick.

Also, going to buy an external hd casing cause my com's 80gb hd is near 97% full and because my cousin bought a new com, I took their old hd and use it cause the old com is like history. Waiting my suppliers answer telling me when the casing has arrived. So, thats almost all, minus some minor stuff like Kenny Sia's car gotten broken into, which is old story but I still remembger it vividly, as he lost hips pioneer player but the thief didn't steal his ipod nano! Bakaish=Stupid.

Also, I'm a staff in mangadownload, www.mangadownload.net and you all can find me on the irc too. Also, a staff in their new manga division, Mangadownload-Scanlation Division as a proof reader doing Ragnarok manga for you all who are dling from there or just an info to let you know. Anyway, I'm signing off now. Bye for now.

This is Gary, signing out at 12.55pm on Friday. -Kinda bored now but I have to do my assignment-

PS=I reedit this because just remembered that The Fast And The Furious:Tokyo Drift Is OUT!!!!!!
Still Jap cars. Hope to see some American, German, Italian,European cars like those on top gear.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nothing Much

Just wanting to update the blog but I forot my stuff...... Anyway, enjoy the manga website link that I've put up.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 21, 2006

Yeah..My birthday is today. Nothing special except friends playing truents on me.. Lol. Had maths class at 8.30am just now. Later maybe go see some Klipsch speakers(Cost a bunch). Kenny Sia's blog has some cool stuff up. And, and nothing more. Seems the 9MP is concentrated in Kuching and Mukah this year. Hope to see major improvement. Anyway, quite bored today. Looking for animes and mangas ere and there. Hey Ben, still remember your e-mail la. Ok Thats all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Founded some stuff.

Yeah. Got new game to play for now. The Punisher. Quite old game. Anyway, founded some website to host some pics though just founded it sucks.
www.photobucket.com Image hosting by Photobucketand
http://www.imageshack.us/ Free Image Hosting at <a href= Its cool though. Hrm... Later got class and then more class then MUET tutorial and then home. Try the web out. Dug out those stuff from the oldcom. Miss it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yeah, at last, I've pick up the passion again. Bought a Molten ball for RM100 and went back to my old hobby. Can't really dribble though, trying to pick up my skills back. Everything went wrong. My shooting, dribble, doing all those flowery skills. Lol. Anyway, playing later, getting exhausted and very hungry. MUET tutorial later again. Hrm.... When can I do that layout again.. I wonder. Need lots of practise.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Starting Of A New Semester

Ok. Just arrived at uni this morning at 8am, met friends at cafeteria then went fro 1st lec in the morning, Marketing. Met Mr. Rodney, gym friend and lecturer. Talk bout the course,blah...blah..blah. Then went to register fro tutorials. Damn pack and stupid to do registeration in such a small room. Freaking pack. Freaking hot and freaking pissed!. Anyway. Got all registered(not sure but quite) then went out for lunch. CAme back and went for IT lec. Lousy lecturer Wilson Suai(Suai Ke?) Lol. Anyway, he SUCKS! My former lecturer can do better then him(COME BACK MR.VICTOR CHEE!!!!!!) Then no more classes till tomorrow so hung around in the open lab. Wanted to run the ftp upload but didn't work to www.anime-refuge.com so have to do it at uncle's house. Home no net yet(F*** Telekom) So slow ing bringing copper cable to the area!!! Haiz....Ben, you lucky got net ar.....and those reading this at home. Anyway, Gary signing out for the day at 2pm(not exact)

Monday, March 13, 2006

MUET Class

Haiz, back in uni now, online, hogging the bandwidth, download stuff, mangas, animes. Later need to attend MUET Class. Looking forward to it. Miss normal life. No work today cause I wanted to come to uni early though my class starts at 3pm. :) /gg. Anyway, BEN IF YOU ARE READING THIS POST YOUR BLOG ADDRESS IN THE COMMENT!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hrm.... Long Time Since Updates

Ok, It's been a long time since the last update cause I pratically don't have time and access. The line I'm using now is my uncle's one and it's freaking slow. So, you guess it. Slow=Giving Up. So, I'm having holidays now and currently working. LAN IS OVER!!!!!! It means no Moral, M'sia Study. Yeah... So, waiting new sem to start, looking forward to it. Miss friends and the open lab at Uni. Not to mention the free time between classes. No line at home yet. Stupid chatting post is down(again..). Need to fix it. Maybe cause of infrequent access. OK. Fanfic is moving slowly cause I'm not having any will to do it anymore, maybe another few chapters more then quit. More manga again. Love Hina, Chobits, Sakura Cardcaptor....and more. Stupid Ben asking me when I'm gonna update this, so here it is. HAHAHA. ok, signing out 4 the day.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

No Net....Pissed.

Now the telekom people are pissing me off. The poles are there but still no telephone line, not to mention broadband. Can't go online and chat, download stuff and animes. Hrm... When will they bring it there?

Sunday, January 8, 2006

New House.....

Ok, now I'm kinda done with the new house. done with the home-made cabinates(pro people's do it for at least 10k) Our home-made version is 99% like it and cost round 3k plus. Still no connection so far, I'm doing it at Uni. Online, downloads, surfing,you name it. I wonder when Telekom will bring broadband access there as I'll be the first one to be going to apply for it cause I'm desperate for it. Needs lots of mp3, wanna download those cause can't do it at uni because of the server, proxy, and not to mention the ever powerful firewall. Lazy to hack. Hrm..... Brought some friends over, where they enjoy the astro which was installed yesterday and one pulling mp3s off my com. Nvm. News of not going to KL anymore getting on me, sad, sad, sad.. Miss my cousins and uncle and aunt, not to mention the shopping complexes and IT stores, animetech some more... Gary here signing out at 3.20pm. Gym at 3.30pm with friends. Ciaos.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Moved house already. No line, no streamyx. God.....