Monday, March 31, 2008


Been searching high and low for my pendrive today (30/03/2008) and I keep wondering where I left my pendrive. After checking here and there, every pockets on my pants and inside my bag, I still couldn't find it.

Not till I remembered this morning's Marketing Research Lab that I just realised I left it hanging on the pc I use, hanging there with my grey lanyard....

Too late cause its already 8pm and I need to do my assignments and I left some information there as I got some data while learning to use SPSS. For once I used my pendrive out of house and it goes missing. Next time, I'll just stick to my external drive. Much more easier and easily visible and not to mention, has bigger capacity.

Now, I'm left here, without any motivation left to let me progress with my work. And I was planning to finish up my resume and add in info for my Marketing Behaviour research essay and this happens.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, what do you get when you cross both of those?

It becomes skid balling instead of basketball cause you are skidding across the court while running and stopping, but instead, you slide. Then, when you are trying to break, you'll slip and pray you do not do a split.

Was playing bball 2 hrs ago and it started pouring and we continued on till we cannot stand the sliding and slipping, not to mention the ball keeps flying off course and we called it off.

Well, nothing much except been attending classes at uni while squeezing time for other leisure and works.

I bet velo or elmo will be mad when they read this cause I've left the scanlation group for quite a while...